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About Us

About Us

History of Orion Pain

Orion Pain was created to be a higher quality medical practice while keeping patients’ costs low. This is difficult to do in today’s medical world, where volume is the only way to keep a practice afloat. I’ve seen pain management practices give extremely high doses of opioids to patients, and then discharge those same patients from the practice when new laws and guidelines were introduced. I’ve seen surgical centers charge thousands of dollars for treatment because the patient hadn’t met their deductible. I’ve seen doctors charge patients several thousands of dollars for regenerative medicine treatments. I’ve also been told by a previous practice owner that I should write prescriptions for obscene amounts of opioids because the practice was losing too many patients from appropriate dose reductions.

It was after all of those experiences that I decided to open my own practice, to treat patients how I believe they should be treated. At Orion Pain, you will meet our excellent staff who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you had a great visit, a physician who will help guide you down the path to healing and greater function, and a company that is doing its best to try and stave off the now well-known “opioid crisis.”

How We Can Help You

Orion Pain was started as an alternative to usual pain management. We will diagnose to the best of our ability and provide the most up-to-date and effective interventional treatments that will target the source of the pain. These treatments range from simple trigger point injections to invasive procedures such as a spinal cord stimulator for chronic pain. We offer not only traditional therapies using steroids similar to cortisone, but we also offer regenerative medication—both platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells. In addition to having a wide breadth of interventions available, almost all our treatment options are covered by insurance. The treatments that aren’t covered are provided at the lowest cost in town.

We thank you for choosing Orion Pain to help you get back to what you love. Be you again!

Contact us online or call (602) 888-9198 to speak with our team.

 Meet the Orion Team

  • Dr. Denton  Davenport Photo
  • Gabriela  Casillas Photo
  • Giancarlo  Duran Photo
  • Angela  Scholl Photo
  • Dr. Denton  Davenport Photo
    Dr. Denton Davenport
    Dr. Davenport built a practice that uses the most technologically advanced procedural options to treat pains of every type. His goal is to help reduce pain and increase function in all his patients without the crutch of narcotics.
  • Gabriela  Casillas Photo
    Gabriela Casillas

    Office Manager, Medical Assistant

    Gaby obtained her medical assistant degree from Brookline College and has been expanding her knowledge in all aspects of pain management learning new and different techniques over the years. She has been working in the pain management field since 2013 and alongside Dr. Davenport since 2017.
  • Giancarlo  Duran Photo
    Giancarlo Duran

    Medical Assistant

    Giancarlo Duran graduated from EVIT in May 2020 where he obtained his medical assisting certification. He is bilingual, dedicated to the patients, and passionate about making the clinic a safe and comfortable zone.
  • Angela  Scholl Photo
    Angela Scholl

    Medical Assistant, EMT

    Angela graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Studies. After graduation, she continued her education in an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program.

We Are Here to Help

Committed to Patient Health
  • Spanish-Speaking Team Members
  • On-Site Patient Treatment Rooms
  • Holistic Treatments to Heal Current Pain & Prevent Future Damage
  • Committed to Finding the Root-Cause of Your Pain

    “I went to Dr. Davenport who did a single injection in the area and since that time I have been pain-free, which is something that I didn’t think was possible.”

    - Dr. Morris
    Pleased With the Results

    “I am so pleased with the results that I received from Dr. Davenport that it has made a very big difference for me. Where once I could not hold my grandchildren, or take a walk with them, I am now capable of taking care of them on a daily basis.”

    - Debra
    Able to Fully Move By the End of the Day

    “I came to Dr. Davenport with rib pain and was nervous about what was needed to be done. He offered a nerve blocker, which helped almost immediately. I was able to fully move by the end of the day.”

    - Alexa
    Truly Cares About Your Well-Being

    “Dr. Davenport and his medical assistant Gabby have provided me more than pain control. Dr. Davenport truly cares about your well-being and health.”

    - Amy
    No Longer Have Pain

    “I have seen a significant improvement in all the areas of stem cell placement. My pain level has decreased, and in some areas, I no longer have pain at all.”

    - Connie

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