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A Patient’s Perspective on Neuragenex

For this post we have a special guest. I have asked a patient some question and these were the answers that I have received. Her history is that of rather intense neuropathy pains in the hands and the feet. She says that it feels like she is wearing gloves all the time. She also has decreased grip strength, numbness, as well as burning pain in the hands. She has expressed that the neuropathy has limited the enjoyment in life that she once had. She is hoping to be able to get back to being herself. I would like to thank her for her time, it is appreciated.

1. How did you hear about Neuragenex?

I was actively searching for an alternative to drug treatments through print and online resources. I don’t remember the exact steps I went through to get the referral to Dr. Davenport, but I was thrilled when it was confirmed that the treatment would be covered by my insurance plan.

2. What have you tried in the past to help with your neuropathy?

I was prescribed the maximum dose of Gabapentin and receiving little to no benefit and suffering side effects. Some of the other commonly prescribed medications are also not appropriate for me. I was using over-the-counter pain medications in what reasonable people would consider excessive amounts. For my hands, I found compression gloves helpful (for the numbness more than the pain) but nothing similar worked for my feet. At night, fiery pain would be so bad that I would get out of bed and stick my hands in the ice cube section of the freezer or alternate hot and icy water (which I hate, so it shows I was desperate) for several showers, keeping my partner as well as myself from having a good night’s sleep. I have also used magnesium soaks and rubs, as well as a variety of over-the-counter topicals. A tincture of CBD and THC is the only topical that has provided any relief and I do not hesitate to recommend that to people as there is both anecdotal and some limited scientific research to support its efficacy with reducing neuropathic pain. I wanted something that might improve or at least support nerve function rather than just mask pain which is why I sought out this treatment.

nerve infographic

3. Tell me about the treatment sessions, were they tough, fun, laid back, was it painful?

Not everyone would consider a trip to a doctor’s office that involved a machine that would look at home in an auto diagnostic center and at least one shot and monitors and so much more exactly fun. But it was always at least pleasant. (To be honest, I thought it was fun.) The doctor and staff were always warm, welcoming, and attentive. The treatment rooms were clean and comfortable. Once seated in a recliner and with the choice to have lights dimmed or not, it was much like being treated to a spa session. There are a variety of treatment programs, like short episodes, that vary during each session and over the course of the treatment. Some are just delightful! Some less delightful, because you are feeling sensations in parts of your body that have been numbed or confused by neuropathic pain. The level of sensation is very carefully monitored, and the patient always determines their own comfort zone – often the ideal range for therapy is when you can just barely notice the sensation at all. Other times, you push your tolerance a bit but never to the point of pain. It was so interesting to see my levels change over time as feeling returned to numb areas.

4. Did the Neuragenex platform help decrease your pain and reduce your symptoms?

The treatments led by Dr. Davenport significantly decreased my pain and reduced my symptoms. That enabled me to be more physically active which probably led to additional improvements. They also made me feel more hopeful, and a more positive attitude also improves the experience of anyone who has been dealing with chronic pain.

Am I completely without symptoms at this time? No. But the symptoms are reduced significantly. I am not using pain medications so that I can sleep through the night, and I can open a bottle or begin to type first thing in the morning instead of waiting for hours for the numbness to go away.

5. What would you tell others about Dr. Davenport and Neuragenex? 

I strongly encourage you to read the information that Dr. Davenport provides as to why this program can help. If you have not found success with medications – or just don’t like having to keep increasing the drugs you put into your body – give this program a try. They are very open and direct about the treatment plan and when you can expect to see results. Dr. Davenport and his staff assess and modify as needed at every single visit because the patient is valued, not some numbers on a chart. You have a lot to gain by trying this program, and the only thing you have to lose is a small amount of time and your pain.