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Benefits of Electroanalgesia

Electroanalgesia is the taking away of pain using electric currents. This therapy isn’t new but it is getting significantly better and more applicable to those bothered by pain. Most people would say that they are familiar with a TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and these devices make up the majority of the equipment in the electroanalgesia space. TENS units operate on low-frequency stimulation, this is beneficial but it misses out on the benefits of the middle frequencies. 

Electronic signal treatment uses a range of currents that have both frequency-modulation (how many pulses per second), and amplitude-modulation (the intensity of each pulse). The difference between these newer devices, as compared to a TENS unit, is that these devices can penetrate deeper into the tissues as well as toggle between low frequencies and middle frequencies. This enables these new devices to block afferent and efferent nerves which results in less pain, relaxation of muscles, increased circulation, & expulsion of toxic metabolites. 

The specific mechanism as to why these devices work is beyond the scope of this post, we will likely dive into that at a future date. For now, know that these devices can be helpful to relieve chronic pains in the neck and low back, muscle spasm, joint pain, and works exceptionally well with patients suffering from neuropathic pain and dysfunction. The two common devices used for these treatments are the Neuromed device (pictured above) and the Sanexas device. If you live in the greater Phoenix area, my office is equipped with these devices for treatment, feel free to look us up at If you are outside of the Phoenix area, you can call Sanexas and/or Neuromed and they can tell you where the closest device is to your location. There is no reason to wait, call today so you can enjoy pain relief and get your life back.