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How Pain Management Can Help

This blog is a guide for patients to learn more about their neuropathy and regenerative medicine too. Neuropathy is an increasingly common problem that can be devastating to patients. Pain management can help with this issue but in order to do that, we first have to understand what pain management is and why it is necessary for solving pain-related problems. We will then learn why following this blog can help you or someone you know that is struggling with neuropathy pain.

The field of pain management has come a long way since the 1600s where opium was given to treat pain. It has come further than in the early 1900s when heroin and morphine were given. As technology advanced through the years, so did the range of therapies that could be offered to help eliminate pain. The invention of fluoroscopy (x-ray guidance) and ultrasound imaging, meant that we could get to areas that were once too risky to treat or that were treated ineffectively without the proper imaging guidance. These modalities enable the provider to do what were once high-risk procedures safely and effectively with minimal risk of complication. This is even more important now as the United States has recognized an epidemic involving opioids.

As you continue to follow this blog, we will discuss different more in detail about neuropathy, what it is, how is can be diagnosed, and most importantly, how it can be treated. I often hear from patients–after I give them an interventional treatment option–that they were unaware that there was something that could be done to help them besides pills. Additional topics that will be covered center around regenerative medicine and how it can be used to help, not only with neuropathy, but with other musculoskeletal concerns.